Brothers of Destruction Raiding and PvE page

Revised 11/2014

Brothers of Destruction, a level 25 raiding guild, is looking for dedicated raiders for progression for now and in Warlords of Draenor. We run raids doing LFR, Flex, and normal.  So get your gear!  We have enough level 100's available to run events with.  

 Core groups can form as you are geared. Need raid leads for these groups.

 1 Hard core progression group - serious about content, gear, upgrades, and can run the approved times

1 or more intermediate (casual) groups learning fights and gearing so they can progress through the content. Gotta be there to get gear.


Raiders need to have vent, DBM add-on, and willing to commit to their respective nights. The groups consist of :

2 tanks

3 heals one with offspec dps

5 dps at least one melee

Please see Glasscannon or any guild officer with questions or more details.



 Fun raid night (old content raids and achievements)

Other raids are scheduled on the calendar, these may be for transmog or achievements and usually are on the calendar as a sign up.