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re: SoO Boss Strats- 1 through 4

Here are video guides for the first 4 bosses in SoO.
Watch them, check out Icy Veins, and be prepared!

Immerseus -

Fallen Protectors -

Norushen -

Sha of Pride -

We should all know these first four. Yes, we may spend a while on the first boss, or second, but eventually we will be moving to the next in line, and likely it will happen during a raid, so getting lax and not having read up on the next boss in line will curtail progression for that night or even week. So please... here they are, easily clicked and watched. Please familiarize yourselves with them so we are ready to get some phat lootz!

Also remember minimum iLevel should be 500+ so please work on that gear.

Lastly, if we are serious about raiding and progressing, we need to sign up, and SHOW UP. This isn't just about us; other people expect us to show up if we say we will. They depend on us and our accountability, so show up please, thanks. Think about having someone in the guild you trust to have your phone number; if you will be delayed or worse, absent, please send a quick text to someone who can inform other raiders for you, as quickly as you know there will be an attendance issue. Thanks Happy

That is all, .


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