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re: Raid rules! UPDATED!


Updated for Warlords of Draenor (Patch 7.0.x)

Make note that these rules only apply to you when we're doing 10, or 25-Man content as a guild!


?Invites will go out 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time of the raid. If you signed up for a Raid on the calendar or are an active core group member, you are expected to show up and be ready to go. If for some reason you are not able to attend or are unsure, please inform an Officer or your raid lead via /whisper or in-game mail. We believe in real life first, however, we like a heads up. Please do not ask if we are still raiding, we will let you know if a raid is going to be canceled.
?When invites go out, Tank and Healing positions will be filled FIRST. Once all the spots have been filled, then come in the DPS.

As a raider you are expected to have all things taken care of before the raid. This means you 20 minutes prior to invites, you should not be in another raid, dungeon, or farming. You should be gathering all the materials you need, ie; mana pots, health pots, stat pots, etc. You should also make sure any gear that needs to be gem'd is gem'd and any thing that needs to be enchanted is enchanted.

Once we begin the raid, it is expected that Ventrilo be free of chatter as it is important that the Raid Leader must explain in detail what is happening and what we're going to do or if something needs to be said.
If you have a question or a suggestion for strategy, please ask via /raid chat. We're not hard asses, we just want to keep things going in a fast but efficient and organized fashion.
If there is a wipe, run straight back in, buff up, and be ready to go. Do not repair, do not ask for repair bots, this takes takes way too much time. Your raid leader will designate a break for everyone to go bio, repair, etc. Please understand this is not a power thing, it's just making sure we do things as fast and efficiently as possible.
•Loot Rules: One main spec/off spec unless no one can use. Bind on Equip gear or items are at raid lead's discretion...

Required addons/ third-Party programs (subject to updates and changes as necessary):

General addons and programs
?Deadly Boss Mods

Optional but recommended

These addons must be regularly updated and maintained for any of our raids... this includes any pugs that join our group. They must also have installed these addons/programs...

**These Rules will be updated regularly as necessary to avoid confusion and to maintain the seriousness and progression of our guild and its raids. Please follow them to the best of your abilities for it is mandatory for all members to follow.***

Thank you and Happy raiding!

**UPDATED 07/25/2016 by Darkshooter**

Glasscannon - Guild Master/Darkshooter - Webmaster

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