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re: Raid requirements and other information. More updattes soon!


Hello all! I just want to let everyone know about what is required for raiding and how raids will be set up.

First off, character levels and item levels required for raiding and dungeons are as follows:

Legion raid requirements are as follows.


Emerald Nightmare - minimum 820 item level

Nighthold - 835 item level

Trial of Valor - 835-item level

Tomb of sargaras - 860 item level

Antorus, The Burning Throne - Unknown as LFR version is not available as of yet



Emerald Nightmare - minimum 835 item level

Nighthold - 850 item level

Trial of Valor - 850 item level

Tomb of sargaras - 880-900 item level

Antorus, The Burning Throne - minimum 910 item level




Emerald Nightmare - minimum 850 item level

Nighthold - 865 ilvl

Trial of Valor - 865 ilvl

Tomb of sargaras - 900+ Item level

Antorus, The Burning Throne - minimum 935 item level (Unsure if this is right but makes sense)


As for dungeons, Normal Legion dungeons require level 100 with a minimum of 680 ilvl to run. Heroic dungeons in legion require level 110 with a minimum itemb level of 820. Mythic dungeons require a minimum 880 item level and increases as you move to mythic keystone and upgrade in keystone level. (ie. mythic keystone <insert dungeon name here> level 5, I would imagine, would be a 900 minimum item level in order to be effective in completing the dungeon.). You can check your item level and stats by pressing "C" for the character screen and (if you haven't done this already, open the arrow tab at the bottom right side of your character screen in game) look under general, and there you should find your item level and the info you need to assess your toon's capabilities.

**This post will be updated as necessary as more raid content becomes available***

All gear should be enchanted with any gems and enchants requiring item level  or better and must be suited to you class/role's needs... There are websites as well as posts on this website and its forums to help you with that. Will list them as soon as most are updated for Legion

Second, our raid rules have been fully updated for Legion patch 7.3+ standards... Any thing your raid lead asks you to do, you follow... please don’t be ignorant and start a boss fight if you don’t know it... ask questions, read up on them or watch videos on them... this will decrease the down time significantly and raid leads don’t have to do much explaining... We expect accountability...

We are looking for dedicated raiders who will stay throughout the time slot given for each raid... Try to stay as long as possible. We understand real life concerns and needs as they should always come first over video games or WoW... Doing LFRs will help you in getting minimum required gear and understanding boss mechanics.

Please let your raid leader know your character name/class/spec(s)/role(s)/and item level (can be found under the character screen by pressing "C", and top of the stats screen will show your item level...). Alt characters are also welcome.

Now we understand that we have a lot of us still that may not be on the same page in terms of gear, strats or mechanics... but those of us who are, need to step up and help one another as well so that we may get on the same page.

On a brighter note, Happy raiding and welcome to patch 7.3.2
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