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re: Forum Rules ***READ ME***

These are the rules for how you're expected to conduct yourself on the forums/website. Please read over these and keep them in mind. If you abuse the website you could be banned. But let's not make that the case!

•Forum Rules:

◦One is always expected to conduct them self in an appropriate manner. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
◦Using "curse" words is never a problem so long as one self is not using the said word in a context which would demean another.
It is NEVER alright to talk about rape, killing, or racism. (this includes guild chat in-game)
◦If one is to have an issue with another member, it is never appropriate to duke it out with them in the forums. Use the Private-message function to discuss problems. If problems persist, PM an Officer. You can see which members are an officer by clicking on the 'Members' link at the top of the page.

◦If one creates a thread, please create it in its respective forum.
◦If one would like to just post spam, or post something that has nothing to do with the guild/game, he/she should post it under the 'General Discussion' forum.
◦Descriptions if not already will be placed under the sub-forums so one will know where to post.

◦The gallery should not be abused. Coming from me, who is the main admin of this site; I expect to never see anything gang related, racists, sexist, pornography or anything of the like. The gallery should be mainly used to post screen shots taken in-game. Failure to abide by these rules could result in either the gallery being removed from the website or the offensive member being banned from website.
◦ALL photos that one uploads needs to be saved and uploaded in '.JPG' format. This is to conserve as much gallery space as we can.

These are the rules for the forum for now. These rules are subject to change, and more could be added later as the use of this website progresses.

Glasscannon - Guild leader
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